I spent the bulk of yesterday clearing excess utilities from my Mac. At first, you might think that I am promoting the trend of minimalism. I'm not. I've seen what minimalism proponents do. They aim for the bare minimum. They pursue this with an obsession reminiscent of a junkie.

For me, it is all about friction. The more utilities I have running on my Mac, the more I feel the need to use them all. And why not, my choice of utilities is well considered. They are the best of the best. Some, like a macro utility or a text expansion tool are not what a minimalist would want. But they help me be vastly more productive.

I have eliminated two as of yesterday. LaunchBar is one of them. I took a hard look at how I use LaunchBar. Primarily, I used it to launch lesser used apps, and for its multiple clipboard manager. I quit LaunchBar, and tried using Apple's built-in Spotlight for launching apps. And you know what? Spotlight is faster than LaunchBar for launching apps. This left me with the task of finding a clipboard manager. I tried several. Bought a couple. Paste is a nice one. However, due to sandboxing restrictions, you need to run two apps to make it work well. In the end, I went back to using the one in Keyboard Maestro. It isn't as pretty as LaunchBar's clipboard manager, but it fills my needs.

I'm not sure if LaunchBar is a memory hog, but today, I have noticed that my system is running a bit faster—a bit smoother. And that is what I am aiming for: removing friction. Anything that slows my system down should be trimmed. This isn't about removing everything but the absolutely necessary (as in minimalism), but it is about being mindful of advantages, and the pursuit of well-oiled, fully functional system. Besides, I love the sound of frictionless. It sounds much more beneficial than minimalism.